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As it has always been, safety and health remain RIDER EDUCATION of NEW JERSEY’S highest priority. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolving daily, RENJ urges everyone to seek and follow current guidelines from local and public health authorities, such as the WHO and CDC, to limit the spread of COVID-19.

  • Staff and students who have symptoms of acute respiratory illness are recommended to stay home and follow CDC guidelines.
  • Staff and students should follow CDC hygiene guidelines. (see chart) Consider and revise all non-essential practices that increase the risk of disease transmission. Students to provide their own personal gloves. We encourage use of personal helmets.
  • Classrooms are maintained by school/facilities staff per CDC guidelines. Additionally RENJ staff to disinfect class supplies, motorcycles, and motorcycle safety equipment as needed.

Rider Education of New Jersey wishes everyone health and safety during this exceptionally challenging situation. Thank you for your continued support of our company.

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  • Five Locations throughout New Jersey – Piscataway; Randolph; Lincroft; North Branch; Washington.
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation & The State of New Jersey approved Motorcycle Training Programs
  • eCourse is now part of the Basic RiderCourse. See “Courses” tab for more details.
  • New Motorcycle Safety Courses offered – Intermediate RiderCourse (BBBRC) and the Ultimate RiderCourse (UBBRC).  See “Courses” tab for more details.

Try 3 Wheels!

  • Learn to ride a 3 Wheeled Motorcycle for a discounted rate of $99. 
    • Get your 3 Wheel Motorcycle license in 2 days
    • We provide brand new Spyders/Rykers.  You MUST bring your own DOT approved helmet.  RENJ is no longer loaning out helmets at this time.
    • Our 3 to 1 student to RiderCoach ratio allows for more riding time
    • No sharing of Spyders/Rykers with other students – you get your OWN unit for the course!
    • eCourse is now part of the 3Wheel Basic RiderCourse. See “Courses” tab for more details.
    • Click on the image below matching your location of choice to register:  Piscataway, Lincroft, and Washington!


The oldest and most experienced motorcycle safety program in NJ!

Over 80,000 riders successfully trained and counting!

  • Motorcycle Classes for Beginner & Experienced Riders
  • No permit needed if you have a New Jersey driver license
  • No tiered licensing if you pass the Basic RiderCourse
  • You MUST bring your own DOT approved helmet. RENJ is not loaning out helmets at this time.
Register Online

Our 2021 motorcycle season has ended. The 2022 motorcycle season will run from April to the end of October and you will be able to register January 3rd.

The RENJ office is closed due to covid. You can register for most classes however if you need to speak to the office, please email us.

3 Wheel registration will not be available until the RENJ office re-opens.

Pre-Course Assignment – You are required to complete the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) eCourse before the first date of your scheduled class.  For more details - please see "Course Description" for the Basic RiderCourse.